La Reserve / Geneve

11 000 sqm / Hotel & Spa La Reserve / Geneve 100 rooms & suites / 2 Restaurants / SPA
Interior design & Decoration

La Réserve Hotel and Spa is a 5-star luxury palace located on the shores of Lake Geneva, featuring 3 restaurants, indoor and outdoor pools, and a spa. 

The interior design combines relaxation and sophistication, creating a cozy and modern atmosphere. The Loti restaurant offers an “Out of Africa” vibe with colonial tent-inspired decoration, while the Le Tsé Fung offers a stylish take on 1930s China. 

The spa “Another Story” boasts a comfortable and bright ambiance with its treatment rooms. The indoor pool features dark wooden pillars and golden mosaics. In collaboration with  with decorator Jacques Garcia.

“Our passions are the main instruments of our preservation.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau.