architecture & design


We support our clients in architecture, interior design, and decoration, thanks to our 25 years of expertise as D.E.S.A. architects. A project’s successful completion is ensured from start to finish. The work phases include presenting the mission, visiting the site, conducting surveys, creating project sketches, studying the project, issuing tenders, executing the construction work, and delivering the project – with daily communication between us and our clients.


We accompany you from the purchase of your property through all the phases of the project.

This includes an overall feasibility study of the project

Applying for building permits

Issuing tenders according to the specifications

Project management

And site follow-up with site visits.

We also manage the budget throughout the implementation process.

3D illustrations are provided as well as validation by trend boards and color swatches.


Residences, properties, apartments, hotels, restaurants, shops and offices. Our services include interior architecture, architecture, project management, decoration, design, consulting, and artistic direction. We specialize in new construction, renovation, restoration, expansion and development.


We ensure a complete project realization, including the integration of furniture, decorative accessories, art pieces, and collectibles. We build our projects by fully exploiting the potential of the space. We design innovative solutions that showcase the unique character of each project. We advise on the best aesthetic and technical choices, and validate each step of the project in collaboration with you. Our intervention covers all aspects of the project, ensuring harmony between the different components to optimize each element. The final completion of the architectural and design project will enhance the value of your financial investment.


An authentic and unique concept forms the clear foundation of all our architecture and decoration projects. The chosen style is emphasized by every detail crafted, whether it be in architecture, interior architecture, design, or decoration. Each project is unique. The space created will be the expression of your desires, brought to life by our expertise to complete your turnkey project.


Our strength lies in designing spaces with a sleek and contemporary design. The aesthetic, emotion, and functionality of the space are essential components of a high-end project. With our experience as architect designers, we bring innovative ideas and a global vision to the project. Our interpretation of space, light, color, and style gives a unique dimension to architecture and breathes new life into the space. We get involved right from the beginning of the project, from the acquisition of the property to the layout of the space, through feasibility studies, construction, and project management.


Our experienced and interdisciplinary team is ready to help you transform your project space into a dream location. We offer advice and guidance on a network of partners at all phases of project design and execution. Additionally, we collaborate with various partners to add the finishing touch to your project, highlighting local expertise.


We fully integrate the ecological and environmental aspect in an elegant and consistent way in our approach. Sustainable choices in architecture and design have been of paramount importance to us in our projects for the past 25 years.


We also offer to assist you in the selection of works of art or antiques to perfect the design of your space. Our address book is exclusively reserved for you.


We offer to our clients,  individuals ou professionals, services such as artistic direction, interior architecture consulting, and decoration advice.