Bonnieux / Luberon

700 sqm / Restoration exceptional property / Bonnieux / Luberon
Mas restoration / Interior Design / Décoration

A new life for this property spanning over 3 hectares in the Bonnieux plain. Surrounded by a vegetal fence, the lavender field is at the heart of the project. A complete renovation has been carried out to transform the large traditional farmhouse into a reception and seasonal rental venue. The spaces have been restructured and decorated in a resolutely contemporary style.

The beautiful existing building has been highlighted, creating an interesting contrast between the old and the contemporary within the project. The farmhouse had magnificent old and patinated materials such as terracotta tiles on the floor, pareilles on the ceiling, and exposed beams. The kitchen and bathrooms have been completely renovated with natural and minimalist materials. All spaces have been transformed and restructured while preserving certain old details.

The new layout and high-end decoration create an interesting contrast with the old setting. An infinite feeling of space reigns in this large centennial farmhouse. The pool has been completely renovated and the garden has been organized into secret corners. The access and parking have been completely transformed to accommodate visitors during events.

This noble farmhouse combines aesthetics and emotion, making it a privileged welcoming place…