Fairmont Grand Hotel / Geneve

650 sqm / Restaurant & night club Java / Geneve
Interior Design / Décoration / Stylisme

Nightclub Java, a warm and lively club, is located at the Fairmont Grand Hotel in Geneva. The club is designed for an urban and trendy clientele and has become the meeting point for Geneva’s nightlife. We have chosen the simplicity of Scandinavian design, combined with French refinement, to create an elegant and contemporary space.

The festive restaurant is adjacent to the fashionable and lively club. For the nightclub and VIP section, we have used violet and old gold tones as the guiding theme to create a timeless and dynamic atmosphere. Colors are an interesting material for sculpting the perspective of a space. In order to ensure intimacy and a cozy atmosphere, we have focused on low ceilings, creating nooks and diversified spaces, playing with softness by dressing banquettes, bar stools and poufs in mauve, purple, or striped taffeta velvet.

The theatricality is omnipresent: mauve carpet on wengé parquet flooring, heavy velvet curtains with golden embrasures on taupe grey stone-like walls, all highlighted by subdued lighting. In the restaurant, the cascading metallic pearl lighting, and chic bistro chandeliers reflect golden light onto the glass plates. The chef’s menu blends with the refined charm of the decor. Separated by soundproof glass partitions, diners have a panoramic view of the immense club accessible through a retro-lit, dimmed corridor.

At the nightclub, the two bars generate the space around the dance floor: the main bar, carved from a 15-meter block of black Zimbabwe marble, and the very important VIP area. Here, the DJ is the star!