Rodier / Paris 9

60 sqm/ Cosy flat rue Rodier / Paris 9
Interior design / Architecture / Décoration

Maximizing the space in this spacious small apartment while preserving its old charm.

A fluid circulation has been created in this crossing apartment, opening on both the street and an interior courtyard.

The apartment features beautiful Hungarian parquet flooring, and the new parquet perfectly matches the old one. Numerous custom made joineries, libraries and furniture have been created to optimize space. The interior design reflects the 19th century building style while being simple and warm. The entrance of the apartment is dressed in terracotta red to warmly welcome guests. It is transformed into a home office. A highly functional kitchen is organized in continuity with the dining room, which has a fireplace. The kitchen is also dressed in terracotta color. A minimalist bathroom made of Greek white marble adds sobriety and brightness to this space.