Saint-Saturnin-les-Apts / Renovation

200 sqm / Restauration / Hamlet house / Saint-Saturnin-les-Apts / Luberon
Interior design / Décoration

The house has been there for a few centuries. It has undergone work, transformations, and embellishments. Nestled in the heart of Luberon Park, we have renovated this old hamlet house with respect for tradition and with today’s comforts. The restoration and renovation have been executed in accordance with the rules of art, which gives the spaces their Provencal house spirit with multiple niches and details preserved from the original construction. The interior architecture and decoration agreements, between the old and the new, comfort and authenticity, create in each space associations as obvious as they are pleasant.

For the renovation, we opted for a natural approach, mainly using terracotta tiles and traditional plaster finishing for the walls, while streamlining circulation throughout the house and opening it up to its wooded garden.

The round concrete finish pool resembles an ancient basin. The beautiful green color of the water, surrounded by a green hedge, makes the pool an element in perfect harmony with the environment on the edge of the woods.

In the architecture of this house, nothing should shock; everything should seem to have been in place forever.